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But Not Today, a novel

"Judy Esway has penned a masterpiece of rich story, deep personal insight, devotion, and practical help for the healing of life's wounds.  I love this book and have felt such a rush of God and healing in my own life just from reading it."

Deacon Robert Herrmann

Retreat Leader and co-author of Writing to be Whole: A Healing Journal

Maria is a hospice bereavement counselor, thoroughly familiar with death, dying, and bereavement. She can educate others about the process, teach classes on the subject, and walk with complete strangers in their time of need. But she is shattered at the thought of losing her husband, the love of her life.

Real Life, Real Spirituality: A Path to Healing and Wholeness

"Judy Esway has written a book that can only be described as monumental. "Out of the grind of everyday joy and loss in a normal ordinary life, Judy develops an extraordinary spirituality.  Great monks, priests, and theologians may by hard work relate their lofty thoughts to the rest of us mortals. Judy came from the other direction: she went to lofty sources to help her in daily living.  This is the unique, special gift of her book."


Eddie Ensley
Author, Prayers that Heal Our Emotions

Blooming in the Whirlwind: Finding God in a Busy Life

"These words on a card I saw recently express it so well. This is the urgency. Live! And have your blooming in the noise of the whirlwind. The whirlwind . . . my life. I learned a secret years ago. Whirlwinds can't kill. They're just a bunch of hot air. They come and go and usually just blow themselves out. It is possible to be calm, to grow, to develop, and to be transformed in spite of the stormy weather that often typifies my life. If, that is, I pray. I have to pray . . . every day." So begins Judy Esway's book of conversational prayers.


These brief meditations, based on Scripture, are about the everyday stuff of life that everyone knows about: worrying too much, dealing with stress and anger, rejoicing in the birth of a grandchild, or finding consolation after the death of a loved one.  God is her friend, and she hides none of her moods in prayer. But the point is that she prays no matter what kind of mood she is in.


She writes, "Really, it's about a love affair – my love affair with God.  You may see yourself from time to time as you read, for are there any of us who are very different, deep down inside?  We all want to be loved.  And the surprising, astonishing truth is. . .we are!"