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Blooming in the Whirlwind

Excerpt:  Beethoven Plays On

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth. The former heaven and the former earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. (Revelation 21:1)

God, there is so much beauty on earth. Surely you don't mean that everything you began here will be wiped out and nothing will be familiar in the new heaven and new earth.

Beethoven showed us a glimmer of the music of heaven. Gibran gave us the poetry of angels, and Pavarotti moves us to tears and to praise. Great dancers and artists and musicians and writers have enabled us to touch eternity. I hope, God, that the beauty that we've but tasted will continue to unfold in the new heaven and new earth.

I know that eye has not seen and ear has not heard what you have planned for those who love you, but I pray that the way you will express the wonders of your love will include every art form that we already know. Is it your plan to begin with that and build?

And God, oh please, won't you build on what we already know of human love? You have made it so exquisite. Francis of Assisi said, "The love of God transcends all we know of earthly love and yet embraces earthly love and sublimates it into an eternal human love."

Did you whisper those beautiful words in the heart of your friend Francis? Somehow, in the deepest part of me, I believe that all you have begun here, all that has thrilled our senses, will continue to unfold in heaven. For you are not a God who teases. You are a God who promises.